Major Campuses

Vancouver Campus

The University of British Columbia's Vancouver campus is located at the western tip of the Point Grey Peninsula, close by to the city of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada.

The University Endowment Lands community (also known as University Hill) is situated adjacent to the campus to the east, while 763 hectares of forested parkland known as Pacific Spirit Regional Park serves as a "green belt" between Vancouver and the campus.

The main campus is bounded by Chancellor Boulevard to the northwest, Marine Drive to the southwest, Wesbrook Mall to the northeast, and West 16th Avenue to the southeast. This represents the administrative and educational core of UBC.

The South Campus is bounded by Southwest Marine Drive to the south, West 16th Avenue to the northwest, and Pacific Spirit Park to the northeast. The South Campus houses many research facilities.

The East Campus is bounded by West 16th Avenue on the south, Wesbrook Mall on the west, Acadia Road on the east, and on the north its border zigzags from Toronto Road to Agronomy Road to Fairview Avenue. A large part of the East Campus is made up of student, faculty and staff housing, along with child care buildings and the local police and fire department. UBC's first market housing development, known as Hampton Place, is also located here.

Although many buildings on campus are quite new, the University's history actually dates back to 1877. For more on the history of UBC, visit the UBC Library's University History and Historical Facts site.

Okanagan Campus

The UBC Okanagan Campus opened in September 2005 as a distinctive, small university campus. We call it an intimate learning community -- where students interact with one another and their professors on a daily basis, while becoming global citizens through interaction with their community and the world.

The UBC Okanagan Campus is earning a reputation as an important, respected centre of learning and research, enhancing knowledge creation and innovation in the Okanagan. The UBC Okanagan Campus also offers a campus life rich with opportunities to build cultural and social connections, to learn, grow and express yourself. The students who choose the UBC Okanagan Campus make the difference.

With a goal of serving the post-secondary education needs of 7,500 students, the UBC Okanagan Campus is growing to serve the needs of our region, increasing access to the internationally recognized UBC degree. As our student numbers increase and the campus master plan becomes reality, the UBC Okanagan Campus will continue to feature small class sizes, experiential learning, community involvement, and direct access to research activity.

Other Sites

UBC Robson Square

The University of British Columbia's downtown Vancouver presence, UBC Robson Square, offers a wide variety of executive, technology, and professional development programs, in addition to arts and humanities courses, live performances, international events, public forums and more.

UBC's Great Northern Way Campus

The Great Northern Way Campus, located just southeast of the downtown Vancouver core, is a collaboration between UBC, Simon Fraser University, Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, and the B.C. Institute of Technology. The venture will foster innovative education and research initiatives by providing an integrated environment with training and education programs offered by each partner.

UBC Faculty of Medicine Education Across British Columbia

75 health care facilities including 22 large tertiary and medium regional hospitals provide clinical education opportunities for both undergraduate and post graduate medical students.

Asia Pacific Regional Office

The Asia Pacific Regional Office is located in Hong Kong and supports alumni, development and student recruitment activities as well as academic relationships, programs and research.