Graduate Students

Patrick Allen
Patrick Allen MA, PhD student
Carmella Alexis
Carmella Alexis, MA student 
Carlene Dingwall
Carlene Dingwall, MEd, PhD student 
Beth Devolder
Elizabeth DeVolder MEd, PhD student
Erin Dolmage
Erin Dolmage, MA
Levi G
Levi Gahman, MA
, PhD student
Cindy Holmes
Cindy Holmes MA, PhD student 
Gabrielle Legault, MA student
Allisha Luther, MA student 
Toben McFarlane
Toben McFarlane, MA student
Zach Romano
Zach Romano, MA
Shane Wright
Shayne Wright, MA student
Joanne Gervais
Joanne Gervais, MFA 

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