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Scholarships and Awards

The School of Engineering encourages students to apply for scholarships and awards they are eligible for.  

We provide proposal writing workshops and encourage students to attend scholarship and proposal writing workshops that are offered through the College of Graduate Studies and the Centre for Scholarly Communication. The Faculty of Graduate Studies has posted some tips for scholarship applicants. Workshop material that is presented in the Vancouver campus orientation is also available on line here.

There are many scholarships and fellowships available. 

The Okanagan campus College of Graduate Studies listing is here. 

The Vancouver campus Faculty of Graduate studies scholarship search engine is here

Please be aware that there are some awards on the Vancouver campus that Okanagan students are not eligible for.

Graduate students in the School of Engineering have been successful in competitions for the following scholarships:

NSERC PGS and CGS (Masters and Doctoral) – This federally funded program supports students from all over of Canada.

NSERC Industrial Postgraduate Scholarships – This federally funded program supports students who are working on industrial projects.

University Graduate Scholarship – This UBC funded award is available to students at UBC.

Graduate Entrance Scholarship – This UBC award is available to students at UBC.


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