Students in the M.A.Sc. program must take 18 credits of coursework.  The academic degree plan can be filled out with the supervisor to help record the course selection discussion.  Students typically take 3 courses (9 credits) in each of the first two long terms (W1, W2) on campus.  Alternatively, some students take 2 courses (6 credits) in each of the first three long terms.   


The research project is determined through discussions between the student and supervisor.  The first two terms may involve some literature review activities as the students complete their coursework.  In some cases students begin learning important research skills in the laboratory.   By the first summer, students should have a firm idea of their research topic and some methodology.  The first yearly review meeting with the committee usually involves preparing a short report for the committee and an oral presentation.  A report template used by many students can be used.  In addition students and supervisors must  fill out the College of Graduate Studies yearly report which is distributed by the college of graduate studies to all students in April or May.  The second year of study is typically devoted to major research activities culminating in the preparation of the thesis.

Degree Completion

The degree completion process including the defense and graduation is explained here. The M.A.Sc. thesis must be defended within five years of initial registration in the program.

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