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Faculty and Staff Directory (alphabetically)


Name Position E-mail Phone Office
Ainslie, Philip Professor philip.ainslie@ubc.ca 250-807-8089 ART179
Binsted, Gordon
Dean, FHSD
Professor gordon.binsted@ubc.ca 250-807-9642 ART360A
Caperchione, Cristina Assistant Professor cristina.caperchione@ubc.ca 250-807-9679 HSC117
Davidson, Alan Associate Professor alan.davidson@ubc.ca 250-807-9969 ART178
DuManoir, Greg Instructor greg.dumanoir@ubc.ca 250-807-9958  ART138
Eves, Neil Associate Professor neil.eves@ubc.ca 250-807-9676 HSC121
Foster, Glen Assistant Professor glen.foster@ubc.ca 250-807-8224  ART151
Gainforth, Heather
Assistant Professor heather.gainforth@ubc.ca
250-807-9352 ART129
Jakobi, Jennifer Associate Professor jennifer.jakobi@ubc.ca 250-807-9884 ART169
Jones, Gareth Assistant Professor gareth.jones@ubc.ca 250-807-8102 ART160
Jung, Mary Assistant Professor mary.jung@ubc.ca 250-807-9670 HSC119
Little, Jonathan         Assistant Professor    jonathan.little@ubc.ca 250-807-9876 HSC122
McNeil, Chris     Assistant Professor chris.mcneil@ubc.ca     250-807-9664 ART133
McManus, Alison Associate Professor ali.mcmanus@ubc.ca 250-807-8192 ART127
Reid, Colin  Assistant Professor colin.reid@ubc.ca 250-807-9910 RHS110
Soon, Zoe Instructor zoeanne.soon@ubc.ca 250-807-9400 ART166
van Donkelaar, Paul
Professor paul.vandonkelaar@ubc.ca 250-807-8858 ART360C
Willis-Stewart, Sally Senior Instructor sally.willis-stewart@ubc.ca   250-807-9684 HSC122

Sessional Instructors 

 Name  Position  E-Mail


Name Position E-mail Phone Office
Frechette, Rebecca     Placement Coordinator   rebecca.frechette@ubc.ca    250-807-9565 ART337
Hill, Terry Lab Coordinator terry.hill@ubc.ca
250-807-9602 FIN251
Reiter, Nikki Lab Coordinator nikki.reiter@ubc.ca 250-807-9602 FIN251
Rhodes, Jennifer Assistant to the Director jennifer.rhodes@ubc.ca 250-807-9904 ART360
Como, Derek Academic Advisor derek.com@ubc.ca 250-807-9239 UNC207

 Adjunct Faculty

Name Position E-mail
Monteleone, Brad         Adjunct Professor      bmontele@telus.net

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