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Emilio Pagliocchini

Emilio Pagliocchini (UBC ’08) is completing a master's degree in international relations at the London
School of Economics and Political Science. Watch a video about how his UBC Okanagan
experience helped to prepare him for graduate school.


Take advantage of networking opportunities to 250,000 alumni in 140 different countries around the world and discover the benefits of being a UBC graduate. Or learn about the various way you can give back by supporting our development needs, by informing us about your current achievements, or by volunteering through the Learning Exchange.

The UBCOPeopleFromHere YouTube channel was set up as a way for UBCO students and alumni to share their stories with the world. We want to hear your perspectives and experiences From Here, wherever that may be, in a short 2 to 10 minute video.  And if necessary, we can provide you with a pocket-sized digital camcorder to record, edit and upload your experience from any location around the world.

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