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  • URC 2014

    2014 Undergraduate Research Conference wraps up

    Congratulations to all participants! See event photos and results...

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  • Ulala

    Undergraduate Researcher of the Year 2014

    Megan Udala is an honours BA student in the forensic psychology specialization program...

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  • Lemay

    Graduate Researcher of the Year 2014

    PhD biology candidate Matthew Lemay is researching the ecological genomics of Kokanee...

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  • Researcher of the year 2014

    IKBSAS students honoured as top researchers

    Matthew Lemay, Megan Udala and Jennifer Forsythe recognized...

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  • Lael Parrott

    $4.3M research project to focus on pine beetle epidemic

    Dr. Lael Parrott joins partners to assess and quantify landscape-scale impacts

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  • Moss and Saucier

    Chemists discover 23 new molecules in red wine

    Medical breakthroughs among potential new benefits of research findings...

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  • John Klironomos

    John Klironomos appointed Associate Dean of Research

    Klironomos looks forward to shaping the development of campus research

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  • Holtzman

    Text messaging - connection or disconnection?

    Dr. Susan Holtzman examines the effect of text messaging on well-being...

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  • Jen Forsythe

    Biology student presents award-winning research in India

    MSc student Jennifer Forsythe studies fungal and plant root relationship ...

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  • Zach Walsh

    Smoke signals: medical marijuana in Canada

    Zach Walsh, assistant professor of psychology, recently completed a study on medical cannabis...

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  • Shelley Pacholok

    Looking for the silver lining in the wake of Hurricane Sandy

    Barber School researcher explores how disasters may spark social change

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Research is a learning activity that enlarges our understanding of the world and addresses the many challenges facing our generation. Our faculty are committed to conducting outstanding research that serves the people of British Columbia, Canada and the world. There are numerous opportunities for faculty, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students and undergraduates to be involved in a variety research projects and collaborations.

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