Fragment Analysis

Project Considerations

FADSS provides analysis of PCR-based amplification products.

FADSS can accommodate a wide array of dye tags and size standards. Please contact FADSS staff to discuss your specific project details.


  • Microsatellite analysis
  • AFLP
  • BAC fingerprinting
  • SNP genotyping
  • LOH analysis (loss of heterozygosity)
  • SNapSHot analysis

Sample Submission Guidelines

1. Please provide at least 4ul of sample at the appropriate concentration in water or Tris (not TE!)

2. Please submit samples in 8-well strip tubes or in plates. Place clearly labeled samples on the top shelf of the freezer in SCI355. The plate and or rack label should match the Plate/Rack ID.  If you are shipping your samples to FADSS, please send your samples to the address at the top of the DNA Fragment Analysis Request form Attn: FADSS.

3. Please submit the completed Fragment Analysis Request Form to Incomplete request forms may result in delayed processing.

Fragment Analysis Service Fees

Number of Samples* Price**
Less than 1/2 plate (1-47 wells) $4.00
1/2 plate-full plate(48-95 wells) $3.50
Full plate (96 wells) $3.00

*Please note, samples are charged in multiples of 8.

**Project and optimization rates may be available.  Please contact FADSS for more details.

The user may request a rerun of samples with poor results. If subsequent results do not improve, the user will be charged the <1/2 plate Fragment Analysis rate. If subsequent results improve, the user will not be charged for the reruns.

Turn-around Time

Typical turnaround time is 1-2 business days upon receipt of sample submission. Please allow more time for large submissions (multiple plates).

Accessing Fragment Analysis Results

Your UBC O clients can obtain their fragment analysis results on and off campus by logging into CWL. The FASTA files (.fsa) will be located in the following directory:


Non-UBC O clients can obtain their results at using a Netstorage account and password assigned by FADSS.

Analyzing Fragment Analysis Results

The .fsa FASTA files generated can be used with a variety of software programs. FADSS facilities include computers with Applied Biosystems’ GeneMapper v4.0 software. For clients who do not have access to our facilities, Applied Biosystems offers Peak Scanner, a freeware software program.

Peak Scanner

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