IMAP E-mail Settings for UBC's Okanagan campus

IMAP Settings

Server Name:
Security: SSL (required)
Port: 993 (standard for SSL IMAP)
Use secure authentication: No (SSL makes it secure already)
User Name: <your e-mail username>

Note: Depending on your e-mail client (i.e. Thunderbird), you may only be able to see your Inbox by default.  If this is the case, you will need to tell your IMAP client to "subscribe" to other folders.  How this is done varies from client to client; check your documentation for additional details.

SMTP Server Settings

Server Name:
Security: TLS (required - MacMail doesn't list TLS as an option, just select SSL)
Port: 465
Use authentication: Yes
User Name: <your email username>

LDAP Address Book

Address Book Name: UBC O
Server Name:
Security: None
Port: 389
Bind DN: <your e-mail username>
Search Filter: (objectclass=person) Search filter is usually found in the advanced tab.  This isn't required, but it works nicely.

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Last reviewed11/15/2011 11:25:03 AM

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