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Joan L. Bottorff, PhD, RN, FCAHS, FAAN

Educational Background

  • University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alta. B.Sc.N, 1974
  • University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Sask. B.Ed. (Elementary Education) 1979
  • University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Sask. M.Ed. (Educational Psychology) 1980
  • University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alta. M.N, 1988
  • University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alta. PhD (Nursing) 1992

Teaching Interests and Responsibilities

Research Interests

  • Social contexts of health behaviour
  • Cancer prevention and screening
  • Tobacco control
  • Women's health
  • Risk perception and risk communication
  • Predictive testing
  • Palliative care

Research Program websites:

Families Controlling and Eliminating Tobacco (FACET) -
Investigating Tobacco and Gender (iTAG) -  

Current Research

Harmonization: Building a collaborative framerwork for cancer prevention

PI: J.L. Bottorff
Co-PIs: S. Lamont, C. Adair, T. Healy, M. Jones-Bricker
Co-Is: S. Johnson, J.L. Oliffe, W. Osei, S. Tillotson, D. Bowering, B. Grant, N. Viney
Dates: 2012-2015
Funded by:  CCSRI $928,000

Picture Me Smokefree - Young Adult Cessation Photo Portal

PI: R. Haines-Saah
Co-I: J. Bottorff, J. Oliffe, K.L. Frohlich, C. Seely
Dates: 2011-2013
Funded by: CCSRI $125,000

Smoking on the Margins: An Equity Analysis of the Outcomes of an Outdoor Smoke free Policy

PI: C. Okoli, A. Pedersen
Co-I: J. Bottorff, L. Greaves, N. Poole, N. Hemsing
Dates: 2010-2012
Funded by: CIHR $199,918  

Advancing the health promotion efforts of prostate cancer groups

PI: J.L. Oliffe
Co-I: J. L. Bottorff, B. Garrett, M. McKenzie
Dates: 2012-2016
Funded by: CIHR $450,000

Palliative Care without Borders: Rural Integrated Palliative Approach Team

PI: B. Pesut, B. Hooper
Co-I: C.A. Robinson, J. L. Bottorff, R. Sawatsky, W. Clarke, S. Lehbaurer, T. Nutinii, B. Nielsen, M Jacobsen
Dates: 2012-2016
Funded by: Peter Wall  $330,000

Development and pilot test of a tailored smoking cessation intervention with HIV+ gay men.

PI: C. Phillips
Co-I: J. Oliffe, L. Currie, M. Ensom, M. Khara, J. Boomer, J. L. Bottorff
Dates: 2012-2013
Funded by: CIHR $100,000

Men’s Depression

PI: J.L.Oliffe
Co-I: J. L. Bottorff, J. Ogrodniczuk
Dates: 2011-2012
Funded by: CIHR $100,000

Fostering emotional resilience in youth

PI:  J. L. Johnson
Co-I:  J. Bottorff, J. Shoveller, J. Oliffe, R. Haines-Saah, K. Schonert-Reichl
Dates:  2012-2013
Funded by:  CIHR  $145,227

FACET 6:  Addressing CVD Prevention with an Innovative Men-centred Approach to Tobacco Reduction

PI:  J.L. Oliffe and J.L. Bottorff
Co-I:  J. Boomer, C. Caperchione, C. Gotay, S. Wells, A. DauphineeDates:  201-2012
Funded by:  CIHR  $100,000

Integration of a disease self-management approach in the cancer system to optimize health and living with cancer:  A road map for implementation

PI: D. Howell
Co-I:  JL. Bottorff, C. Elser, NE. Fleshner, JM Jones. MK. Krzyzanowska, PT.  McGowan
Dates:  2010-2012
Funded by:  CIHR  $228,250

OPTIC:  Older persons' transitions in care

PI: G. Cummings and J. Konnert
Co-I: C. Reid, C. Robinson, J. Bottorff, M. Lilly, et al. (BC team) and C. Estabrooks, P. Norton, B. Rowe, N. Keating, C. Nykiforuk, B. Parke, et al. (AB team)
Dates:  2009-2012
Funded by:  CIHR and MSFHR, $1,280,000

Supporting tailored approaches to reducing tobacco (START) - decreasing breast cancer incidence

PI:  J.L. Bottorff and C. Richardson
Co-I:  PA. Ratner, C. Gotay, R. Haines, J. Oliffe, K. Johnson, C. Okoli, P. Hutchinson
Dates:  2009-2012
Funded by:  Canadian Breast Cancer Alliance and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, $307,000

Establishing cultural safety and effecting organizational change for aboriginal healthcare in the urban centres of the Okanagan Valley

PI:  R. Hole, M. Evans, L. Berg and J.L. Bottorff
Co-Is:  S. Chau, P. Hutchinson, D. Kurtz, D. Wepa, and L. Bryan-MacLean
Dates:  2009-2012
Funded by:  CIHR, $404,571

CIHR Team Grant:  Investigating tobacco and Gender (iTAG)

PI:  J.L. Bottorff and J.L.Oliffe
Co-I:  L. Greaves, N. Poole, M. Ensom, R. Haines, C. Okoli, C. Robinson, M. Khara, M. Krank
Dates:  2008-2014
Funded by:  CIHR, $999,609

Healthcare ethics in rural palliative care

PI:  B. Pesut
Co-I:  C.A. Robinson, J.L. Bottorff
Dates: 2008-2012
Funded by:  CIHR, $148,837

Publications and Reports


Auluck, A., Rosin, M., Hislop, G., Bottorff, J.L., Zhang, L., & Rosin, M. (2012). Gender and ethnicity specific survival trends of oral cavity and oropharyngeal cancers in British Columbia.  Cancer Causes and Contro, 23 (12): 1899-1909. DOI: DOI 10.1007/s10552-012-0065-0.

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2.  CHAPTERS IN BOOKS (last 5 years)

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3. OTHER PUBLICATIONS (last 5 years)

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