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Standards, Guidelines & Procedures

Please note that there are also policies in the UBC Okanagan Calendar. Students and Faculty are expected to be familiar with and to follow all of these policies.


BSN Program Requirements | Standards & Guidelines

Guideline | Principles in Determining Practice Placement Experiences

Guideline | Nursing Practice

Standard | Out of Region Student Practice Placement Experiences

Guideline | Out of Region Student Practice Placement Application Guidelines and Process | NRSG 230

Standard | Conflict of Interest

Standard | Nursing Practice Placement Transportation Requirements

Standard | Vehicle Ride Along & Authorization

Standard | Professional Appearance

Standard | Environment: Fragrances/Chemicals

Standard | Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

Procedure | Student Injury or Exposure During Practice Experience & Insurance 

Standard | Student Records and Portfolios

BSN Degree Requirements | Standards & Procedures

Standard | Medication Dosage Calculation Assessment Requirements (MDCA)

Procedure | Taking Non-UBC Courses While in the Nursing Program

BSN Academic Regulations | Standards & Procedures

Standard | Attendance: Missed Practice/Laboratory Time

Standard | Professional Conduct

Procedure | Student Misconduct

Standard | Scope of Practice: Psychomotor Skills for BSN Students 

Standard | Appropriate Use of Electronic Devices

Standard | Practice Assignments

Standard | Grade Assignment Guidelines

Standard | Nursing Practice Grading

Standard | Submission of Student Assignments

Standard | Unsatisfactory Practice

Procedure | Plagiarism

Procedure | Review of Assigned Standing

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