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New Students

Applying for Academic Accommodations

Meet with an Advisor

If you are a student with a disability, you should first meet with a DRC Advisor to determine what academic accommodations and/or services you are eligible for. DRC staff base their accommodation decisions on:

  • impact of disability determined through the disability/medical documentation (below)
  • course of study and expected learning outcomes of the courses

Provide Documentation

Students need to provide the DRC with documentation of their disability. This information is collected under the Freedom and Information and Privacy Act and is held only at the DRC.  The documentation that you provide needs to be current (within the last three to five years), must include a formal diagnosis from a qualified health practitioner with expertise in that area, and must comment on barriers that you experience in accessing education.  Please see our documentation requirements for more information.

Liaise with your Faculty Members

While the DRC will alert faculty members to the academic accommodations for which you qualify, you should also discuss your needs with your faculty member.  Some lecutres or labs require that agreed upon acdemic accommodations be customized.  Your success depends on a solid partnership among you, your faculty member, and a DRC Advisor.


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