Scholarships & prizes

Merit-based awards, such as scholarships and prizes, are offered mainly based on your academic achievement.  Scholarships and prizes are made available through funding by the University as well as donations made by individuals and organizations. 

Students are generally considered for scholarships based on their academic achievement in the preceding school year.  They then receive the scholarship at the beginning of the next Winter session.  Scholarships are applied to outstanding tuition first.

Awards and prizes may, in addition to academic achievement, require a student to be involved in leadership or other non-academic pursuits.  Awards and prizes are often given to students at the end of an academic session although some may be assigned in the following academic year.  Students who are graduating are eligible to receive a year-end prize in the year of their graduation.

Most scholarships, awards and prizes at UBC do not require an application form or nomination. UBC faculties and departments make recommendations and the University contacts the recipients.

For minimum scholarship course load requirements, please see the UBC Senate Regulations Governing University Awards.

We recommend you take advantage of outside scholarships by searching actively in your community and by using websites such as:

At the beginning of each academic session be sure to notify Student Services & Financial Support of all outside scholarships and prizes, even if the award cheques are made payable directly to you. Failure to do so may result in the forfeiture of future financial assistance from UBC. Scholarships and prizes are treated as income and will become part of your student contribution in calculating your financial need.

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