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How much does it cost?

All students who are accepted into Concurrent Studies will be assessed an application fee, as follows:

  • $60 for Canadian citizens and permanent residents
  • $100 for international students

Tuition fees for UBC students are assessed on a per-credit basis and depend on the level of the course and the faculty in which it is offered.

Most undergraduate courses are 3 or 6 credits in value, although there are exceptions. The course schedule will detail the credit value of a course.

Students studying on campus at UBC's Okanagan campus are assessed student fees in addition to their tuition. Some of these fees have opt-out provisions, highlighted on the site.

Most student fees are assessed on a per-credit basis, so depending on how many credits you are taking, the total amount of student fees owing will fluctuate.

Expect to pay about $100–$150 per course for course materials. Course materials are available through the UBC Bookstore Okanagan.


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