A Quick Study with Ian Schultz

This ongoing series is aimed at getting to know what motivates and inspires UBC students about their learning — inside and outside the classroom.

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On working in residence, getting involved, keeping perspective and finding a “home”.

Meet Ian Schultz, English Literature.

Ian Schultz


Why UBC?

IS: I came to UBC-Vancouver because it was close to home (only a short plane ride away) but still far enough away so that I could branch out on my own. I was also excited about having the opportunity to study so many different subjects, as well as having the chance to live in a big and beautiful city. I had never seen the campus before my move-in day, but as soon as I got here I knew I was “home.”


You are graduating. Does it feel like ‘only yesterday’ you were in first year or does it feel like you’ve been studying for a prettty long time?

IS: A bit of both! I definitely think that I have changed and grown a lot as a person over these last five years of study and I am very excited for the next chapter of my life. That said, it does sometimes feel like these five years flew by too quickly and I will be very sad to say goodbye to UBC!


What were your favourite hangouts on campus?

IS: I lived and worked in residence for four out five years while studying at UBC, so Totem Park and Place Vanier were two of my favourite hangouts. I also loved to study and hang out at the Centre for Student Involvement & Careers in Brock Hall.


What was one lesson you learned from someone else during your time at UBC?

IS: My good friend Ally taught me the importance of not spending time comparing yourself to others, but rather to re-focus this energy on being confident in yourself and your own abilities. This advice has stuck with me and has allowed me to feel more happy and fulfilled in everything that I do!


Our university motto is Tuum Est (it is yours). Do you feel like you made UBC yours?

Ian Schultz

IS: Absolutely! During my time at UBC, I really dove right into getting involved with different communities on campus. Whether it was by working in Residence Life, volunteering with the UBC Student Leadership Conference Planning Committee or by getting involved with the Work Learn Program, I really pushed myself to put myself out there and create the university experience that I was looking for.


One song that was on your playlist in first year and still is?

IS: The Glee cover of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” came out in my first-year and it still brings a smile to my face every time I listen to it!


As a major in English Literature, what poem or story would best describe your time at UBC?

Ian Schultz

IS: Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery. Like Anne, my time at UBC has been filled with a variety of unique and challenging experiences, but through it all, I have tried to keep a positive attitude and see the best in the world around me.


Any top tips for the incoming class of first year students?

IS: Keep everything in perspective and find out what works best for you when it comes to learning, studying and managing your time. Also, take advantage of opportunities to get involved on campus, as this is a great way to make friends, find a “home” at UBC and build on your professional skills!


What is next for you?

IS: I am pursuing my passion for supporting post-secondary students as I start a professional career in Residence Life and Student Housing!

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