Rebecca Burks set design

Twelfth Night, set design by Rebecca Burks

A Quick Study with Rebecca Burks

This ongoing series is aimed at getting to know what motivates and inspires UBC students about their learning — inside and outside the classroom.

On thinking clearly, books, CHVRCHES, having a cool head and second thoughts.

Meet Rebecca Burks, BFA Design & Production, UBC Theatre.

Rebecca Burks


Why UBC?

RB: It’s one of the top schools in Canada and one of the most beautiful which is good inspiration when you’re in the arts.


What are you studying and why?

RB: Theatre Production and Design because they see your potential before you actually get there. You are surrounded by staff and faculty in a supportive and encouraging environment.


What are your favourite hangouts on campus?

RB: Koerner’s Pub right across from the Frederic Wood Theatre.


What has to happen for you to lose yourself in your work?

RB: Strongly relating to the play I’m working on helps me throw all I’ve got into it.


What is one thing you’d like to share about design that you have learned during your studies at UBC?

RB: Having a cool head and thinking clearly will help you deal with the pressure and change that comes with theatrical design.


What is on your playlist these days?

RB: CHVRCHES, Naked and Famous, M83, Paper Route, Kids of 88, DWNTWN.


Where do you go for inspiration?

RB: Books, lots of books. If I need to clear my head, I’ll go for a bike ride or to a pub or both.


The time when you had second thoughts?

RB: There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t have some sort of second thought. Theatre is hard. It’s a lot of work, there is no money, and you must be able to collaborate with many. Until you see the final product, you are frequently second guessing yourself.


What has surprised you about studying at UBC?

RB: The politics.


Why should we care about the theatre?

RB: Theatre is art and entertainment mixed with human interaction. It has lasted throughout the ages and is the mother of film and television.

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