Emergency Communications Plan

The Emergency Communications Plan (ECP) is intended to outline guidelines for quickly communicating with UBC’s Point Grey Vancouver campus community, community partners and external stakeholders during an emergency. This plan is an addendum to the UBC Emergency Management Plan.

An emergency is a situation which results in, or is likely to result in, harm to persons or damage to property or disruption of services on the Point Grey campus. This can include earthquake, fire, hazardous materials accident, or criminal event. Of concern to the University is the need to alert individuals when there is the potential for injury and/or lost of life.

The procedures and messages contained within the ECP were developed by UBC Risk Management Services and UBC Media Relations, with guidance from the Communications Subcommittee of the Emergency Planning Steering Committee.

UBC Emergency Communications

UBC is committed to the safety and security of our campus community. In the event of a campus emergency, UBC will post updates to: