Vancouver Campus Safety Working Group

Following a series of six sexual assaults on the Vancouver campus from April to October 2013, UBC decided to examine at greater depth a number of issues related to the safety and security of the Vancouver campus, from a broader and longer term perspective. A Campus Safety Working Group was appointed to consider a number of questions and report to the UBC Executive on its findings and recommendations.

The working group was tasked to consider, among other issues, the effectiveness of a range of current and possible technologies such as the campus blue phones, security cameras, mobile phone apps and others. The working group also considered the physical environment of the campus (paths, lighting) and broader social questions such as the role of education and of community engagement in enhancing safety.

The group has now produced its final report: Campus Safety Working Group Final Report


Barry Eccleton Director, Campus Security (Chair)
Benjamin Goold Professor, Law
Brian Heathcote Chief Financial Officer, Student Housing and Hospitality Services
Chad Hyson Associate Director, Student Conduct and Safety
Linda McKnight Director, Human Resources Advisory Services
Janet Mee Director, Access & Diversity
Janet Teasdale Managing Director, Student Development and Services (VP Students Office)
ORIGINAL WORKING GROUP MEMBERS Involved in the Development of this Report, Not Continuing
Matthew Duguay Student Services Manager, AMS
Carole Jolly Director, Campus Programs and Animation, Campus and Community Planning
Mark MacLean Senior Instructor, Mathematics
Ron Holton Chief Risk Officer, Risk Management Services
Anne Kessler Vice President, Academic and University Affairs, AMS
Daniel Levangie Executive Director, AMS
David Woodson Managing Director, Building Operations