Teeing off with Terrell Davis

A friendly round of golf with a Thunderbirds linebacker


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Terrell Davis’ love of football runs deep. It’s something he shares with his brothers and the rest of his family, who have been in the stands, rain or shine, at every one of his games.

A superstar running back during high school in Victoria, BC, Terrell moved to Arizona State University in 2012 for two years to play football. He returned to BC in 2014 for his second year of university at UBC’s School of Kinesiology and what would be his first year on the Thunderbirds football team.

His time in Arizona gave him the chance to try a new sport: golf. “I just love golfing with my friends,” enthuses Terrell. “It’s an escape from the heavy course load and hectic life of football and school.” It is a sport that clearly provides him a healthy counterbalance to the demands of training. Simply put, golf is a sport that is “really relaxing” for him.

He’s a force to be reckoned with on the football field, but Terrell admits this athleticism has not yet translated to the golf course. “I train really hard to be an elite athlete when it comes to football, but when it comes to golf I’m probably the worst guy out there on the course.” That doesn’t stop him though; for Terrell, golf is all about spending time with his friends.

With his sights set on playing football professionally, Terrell will be keeping golf as his ‘long’ game, one that he can play for many years after he’s hung up his cleats.

Terrell Davis
Sport: Football | Position: Linebacker | School: Kinesiology | Hometown: Victoria, BC

“I just love golfing with my friends. It’s an escape from the heavy course load and hectic life of football and school. It’s just really relaxing.”

Thunderbirds football stats:
2014/15 games played: 8
2014/15 rushes: 36
2014/15 yards: 186
2014/15 touchdowns: 1
Off-season stats:
Longest drive: 315 yards
Most strokes per hole (par 4): 9
Most golf balls lost per round: 6
Holes in one: 0
  • Thunderbird Men Football - Terrell Davis
  • Thunderbird Men Football - Terrell Davis
  • Thunderbird Men Football - Terrell Davis
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Terrell’s favourite golf courses

ASU Karsten Golf Course: By far the most difficult course that I have played on. (Photo courtesy of ASU Karsten Golf Course)

Uplands Golf Club: I’ve only played one round here, but it’s a very exclusive course and it was a pleasure to play on.

Papago Golf Course: This was the very first course where I played a full 18 holes of golf. (Photo courtesy of Papago Golf Course)

It’s terrific to see our student athletes participating in different sports out of the varsity season!┬áDoing so is a great way to maintain fitness, keep the mind sharp and have fun in a less intense competitive environment. The natural physical talent of our Thunderbird athletes is truly inspiring!

Louise Cowin, Vice President, Students

Louise Cowin

Thank you to Terrell Davis for sharing his passion for golf, his commitment to the production of this story and for joining us for two 6:00 a.m. photo shoots at the University Golf Club.

Additional thanks: Marcus Davis, Anthony Balce, Michael Mather (University Golf Club), ASU Karsten Golf Course, Papago Golf Course, and UBC Athletics and Recreation.

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Published: August 2015