Feast Bowl
A Feast for All

A Feast for All

A Feast for All

With the help of interns and volunteers, the bounty from the Indigenous Health Education and Research Garden at UBC Farm feeds the UBC community every month at UBC’s First Nations House of Learning in the light-filled Sty-Wet-Tan Great Hall.

Known as the ‘Feast Bowl’, these lunchtime social events are similar to a community kitchen where everyone can join in the harvesting, preparation and sharing of food. Various groups are now regularly part of the Feast Bowl, including the UBC Learning Exchange drop-in program participants who come out from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES) three times a year. According to Feast Bowl intern and First Nations Languages Linguistics undergrad Jaylin Melnichuk, participants often say it’s one of their “favourite field trips” of the year.

During the academic year, on-campus students also often join the Feast Bowl for some much-appreciated naturally healthy nourishment; sometimes upwards of 30 students will collectively enjoy a tasty lunch that includes just-picked, freshly cooked vegetables from UBC Farm. The atmosphere of sharing is contagious as everyone sits down at long tables to talk, learn about one another and savour the farm-grown, freshly made meals that nourish the heart as much as the body.

As the seasoned intern for the 2015 program, Melnichuk serves up some advice to students considering a Feast Bowl internship: “Just give yourself over to it and open up to new experiences and it will give you so much back. You can’t even imagine but it really ends up being so fulfilling.”

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Faculty of Land and Food Systems: Jennifer Honeybourn, Director, Communications; Sean Smukler, Assistant Professor; students of APBI 260 Food & Environment 1; Gabriel Maltais-Landry, Postdoctoral Research Fellow.

Other: Leonard Foster, Professor, Faculty of Medicine; Stacy Friedman, Program Manager, Intergenerational Landed Learning Project, Faculty of Education; Steve Golob, Chef, Place Vanier Residence.

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