All Ages: Learning in the Field
All Ages: Learning in the Field

All Ages: Learning in the Field

All Ages: Learning in the Field

Véronik Campbell, academic programs manager at the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at UBC Farm, is a firm believer that learning at the farm gives people a place to grow in ways a classroom simply can’t provide. “Theory is good to a certain point but students crave to get their hands dirty,” she explains. There are a myriad of ways people can learn at the farm, from public workshops to eight-month practicums to summer internships, farm tours and children’s camps.

The hands-on public workshops held at UBC Farm offer an interesting range of experiential learning opportunities such as this summer’s How to Make a Food Forest: From Values to Vines. But learning at the farm isn’t just for adults; there are rich opportunities for children to experience and explore the farm’s food system through hands-on activities in the FarmWonders spring and summer camps as well as interactive, engaging tours of the farm through the FarmDiscovery School Tours.

The UBC Farm internships provide an opportunity for students to experience the farm as a “place of innovation”, says Campbell and through these experiences “students gain tools, skills and knowledge they can apply and use for their careers after they graduate.” The UBC Farm Practicum in Sustainable Agriculture is another opportunity for students (not necessarily just those enrolled at UBC) to benefit from the mentorship and training they’ll receive in the field.

For all ages, understanding agriculture and food systems means getting close to the soil. Your hands may get dirty but the learning is worth it.

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