Maya Garden
Maya in Exile Garden

Maya in Exile Garden

Maya in Exile Garden

In 1986 five Maya families came to Canada as refugees from Guatemala. Nearly a decade later, urged on by a UBC student, these families secured a plot of land at UBC Farm to practice their Mayan farming traditions and keep this millennia-old cultural knowledge alive for future generations.

Now, firmly rooted in the Maya in Exile Garden, the ancestral crops known as the “Three Sisters” (corn, beans and squash) are grown along with an ebullient array of flowers and sold at UBC Farm’s Saturday markets. Along with the garden’s output, the goal is to celebrate and share this rich yet relatively unknown Indigenous knowledge and its stories in order to educate local people about true Mayan culture.

To that end, members of the Maya in Exile Garden offer public workshops such as Three Sisters in the Kitchen and what is a traditional Maya cooking workshop. Authentic meals utilizing las tres hermanas (The Three Sisters) are featured, such as tamalitos de flor de calabaza con salsa de miltomate (tamales filled with squash flowers served with tomatillo salsa), ensalada tradicional (traditional salad), ejotes en sopa (green beans in soup) and dulce de calabaza (squash dessert).

Keep an eye out for these and other flavourful UBC Farm workshops and meet the members of the Maya in Exile Garden at the farm market held every Saturday from June through to the end of October. Proceeds from the garden’s sales help fund a project in Guatemala that develops Mayan girls’ weaving skills to create unique, sellable goods and thus help lift these other families’ incomes and futures.

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