UBC Campuses

As one of the world’s top research universities, the University of British Columbia has created positive change at home and abroad for more than a century. Today our two major campuses—in Vancouver and the Okanagan—attract, nurture and transform more than 65,000 students from Canada and 140+ countries around the world.

UBC Vancouver campus

Vancouver Campus

Located 30 minutes from the heart of downtown Vancouver, the Vancouver campus is a spectacular location that is a ‘must-see’ for any visitor to the city — where snow-capped mountains meet ocean, and breathtaking vistas greet you around every corner. The campus is home to more than 44,000 undergraduate and nearly 10,000 graduate students.

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UBC Okanagan campus

Okanagan Campus

The University of British Columbia's Okanagan campus brings worlds together by combining the resources and reputation of one of the world's top universities with a young and dynamic campus. Located in Kelowna, British Columba, students come from across the world to receive a top-ranked education in one of Canada's fastest-growing regions.

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Other UBC Sites

UBC Robson Square

UBC Robson Square

Set in the kaleidoscopic heart of Vancouver, our vibrant learning and conference centre welcomes over 30,000 adult learners a year in daytime, evening and weekend offerings. Our programming covers a broad spectrum from business to the arts with courses in digital media and technology, communications and languages, research and the arts – we truly have it all. Join us and our community partners to enrich your life and further your career.

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Centre for Digital Media

Centre for Digital Media

As the partnership of UBC, Simon Fraser University, the BC Institute of Technology, Emily Carr University of Art and operating under the GNW Trust, the 18-acre campus is a fusion of top-tier technology, industry, business, the arts and the general community. The ever-evolving campus’s prime catalyst: the Centre for Digital Media and its Masters program.

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Centre for Brain Health

UBC Faculty of Medicine Across BC

Four university academic and 11 clinical academic campuses, 17 affiliated regional centres, 65 plus community education and rural/remote sites; spread province wide and yet fully integrated by technology, innovation and quiet passion, the UBC Faculty of Medicine is greater than the sum of its parts and for our students, a truly unique and varied skein of education and experiences.

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UBC Asia Parcific Regional Office in Hong Kong

Asia Pacific Regional Office

Officially opened in 2005 and based in Hong Kong SAR, the APRO is UBC’s seasoned ‘window’ into Asia Pacific and what is arguably the world’s most dynamic region. Not just to observe but to do: active throughout Asia, the cross-cultural APRO serves and assists alumni and development activities, academic programs, student recruitment, research and other endeavours.

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